Terms and Conditions

1. Responsibility of Person Hiring.

A. All equipment on hire or loan shall remain the property of Buzzin Bees and is used at the hirer’s own risk.

B. Provide Access at the stated time of delivery.

C. Provide clear access to the site and ensure that the hirer’s representative at the time of delivery is aware of the positioning of the equipment and has access to all necessary points to ensure the safe installation of the equipment.

D. The proposed site for the equipment is clear of any obstacles that may prove to be a hazard for the safe use of the equipment.

E. Ensure that the hirer’s representative has the authority to sign for delivered equipment.

F. Ensure all pets are kept inside and away from the equipment at all times including when delivering/setting up and collecting.

G. Ensure there is enough space for the equipment to be set up, please ask us for the dimensions of the equipment if you are unsure.

H. We will only set up the equipment on grass or indoors, we do not set up on hard ground for weather and safety reasons.

I. The hirer is responsible for ensuring first aid facilities are available if necessary, adequate safety barriers are fitted around equipment if required, all safety regulations are enforced and that equipment is constantly supervised by a responsible adult.

J. Once equipment is installed it must not, have items added to, be altered in any way or used for any other purpose other than that which it has been designed for without the written permission from Buzzin Bees.

2. Delivery in Good Order / Returns in Good Order / Wet Weather.

A. We require between 30-60 minutes before and after your event to assemble and dismantle the equipment.

B. Once the equipment is set up the hirer is to inspect the condition with Bussin Bees and report any faults immediately.

C. Any fault not reported at the time of delivery will be deemed to be the responsibility of the hirer.

D. If the equipment is returned in a dirty state there will be a minimum of £50 charge to get it cleaned.

E. In the event that it rains during use / the hire period the equipment must be taken indoors or covered with a tarpaulin rain cover (supplied) the Hirer hereby agrees to cover all equipment and not to allow anyone to use it until safe to do so.

F. Neither Food nor Drink are permitted on the equipment, this includes bottles and baby bottles.

G. No Shoes (including adults) to be worn on the equipment (This is the main cause of damage to equipment) no Pets, Cigarettes or BBQ to be used on/near the equipment.

H. No Face Paints or Party Poppers to be used on the equipment.

I. Any damage or loss must be reported immediately, if any equipment is not returned when collecting the equipment then the current manufacturer’s product price will be charged in full.

J. The equipment supplied is strictly for the use of children aged 0 – 5 years (five years or below).

3. Booking Fee & Payment for equipment.

A. No booking shall be deemed to be confirmed until the booking form and booking fee has been received. (50% of the total hire charge)

B. The remaining payment is to be paid 24hrs before arrival unless previously arranged.

C. Where balance payments are due on delivery, equipment will not be put on site until payment is made.

D. If we arrive at your booked venue location and take full payment, no refund will be given if there is not enough space to install the equipment, please ask us for the measurements for the equipment you are hiring prior to booking.

E. On delivery of the equipment we only accept cash.

4. Postponement

A. We will try and be as flexible as possible, If you need to postpone your event to another mutually convenient date due to severe weather conditions then, provided that we have not incurred any labour, set up or other charges, no penalty fees will be charged.

B. We can only postpone the hire once for you.

5. Access

A. In the event of access not being available at the time of delivery/collection Buzzin Bees reserve the right to return at a later time and to pass on any additional costs incurred to the hirer.

B. Buzzin Bees cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to property including, fixtures or furnishings during the Assembly, use, and dismantling of the equipment, although every precaution will be taken.


Buzzin Bees cannot be held in any way responsible for any breach of hire/contract, although every precaution is taken.

We will also not be held responsible for any loss or injury during the agreed hire period.

The hirer is responsible for providing any insurance's required.